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We Practice Corona Measures For Your Health.
We continue our service meticulously.


Room Cleaning:

We do room cleaning by gloved and masked personnel. We offer all materials in sealed packaging. After cleaning, we perform ULV fogging sterilization in each room and ventilate for at least 2 hours. We throw away the used gloves, we do not use them in the next room. We wipe the touched areas (door and window handles, power buttons, TV controls, room keys etc.) with disinfectant materials.

Common Areas:

Every day before check-in time we do ULV fogging sterilization. We do disinfection of the touched areas. We pay attention to social protection distance and follow it.


Every day, we measure the fever of all our staff with a digital non-contact thermometer before starting work. We use a mask or a protection visor during work.

Materials and Services:

We measure the fire of our customers who will stay in our hotel every day. During their stay, we provide masks and surgical gloves free of charge and also monitor their use. We have free automatic devices for hand sterilization.